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Anker Anker-Tex
Industrial Staplers
and Staples

Since our customers must know the best...

We have asked around what uses some of our customers have found for our plier staplers and unique staples:

“We have been using ANKER-TEX plier staplers in the production of our high-quality suits for many years now.
We staple facings, side and sleeve vents, as well as our care, production and textile labels with SITEX 280 and 33.
We sew facings a lot faster when they are stapled. Interfacings can easily be corrected through stapling, and it also enables the use of cheaper sewing machines while keeping up to our high quality requirements.”

Bertram Rollmann (left picture), managing director of PIRIN-TEX, Bulgaria, the largest European manufacturer of classic men’s and children’s suits and women’s outerwear.

“As one of the oldest - established menswear factories in Turkey we have been using for decades your staples and your stapling technology for production. We are one of the first companies in Turkey which needed your stapling technology.
Regarding rationalization, productivity and quality we have made very positive experiences with your staples.
Also furthermore we will continuously using your staples for our premium – quality menswear suits in industrial and semi traditional way. We thank you for our successful cooperation.”
Tahir Gürsoy, CEO company MITHAT, Turkey

“During my apprenticeship as an industrial tailor at MILL GMBH, plier staplers from ANKER-TEX were successfully used, for example in stapling facings to front pieces. Even in the prefabrication of collars ANKER-TEX plier staplers were used. The pneumatic foot pedal allowed for work with both hands, enabling a single person to staple 600 suits a day.”
Dipl. Ing. Petra Gehlhaus (middle picture), clothing engineer FH Mönchengladbach, currently guest lecturer at
FH Albstadt Sigmaringen in the field of clothing engineering

“For over 40 years we have been selling ANKER-TEX products and can guarantee that they offer the highest quality plier staplers and pliers worldwide.”

Massimo Botondi (right photo), owner of Atecon Sas, Milan, Italy

“For 26 years I have had a very good business relationship with the family enterprise ANKER-TEX. The products are robust and easy to maintain, and I highly recommend them.”
Dirk Treptow, former chief mechanic at Rollmann, Katerini, Greece, and Loger fashion, Bulgaria, and manager at Hugo Boss, Izmir, Turkey

“In our company we use ANKER-TEX SITEX 33/6 D staples with good results in the cutting room. Our outer fabrics are very fine - between 100-160S. We staple facings and chest linings.”
Mr Emre, production manager at ALTINYILDIZ/BEYMEN, Istanbul, Turkey