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Anker Anker-Tex
Industrial Staplers
and Staples

For decades the clothing industry has successfully been replacing ...

its pins and basting threads with our staplers and unique staples. The technique has many advantages:

Increasing the quality of the work
The pinning and basting common in the clothing industry can easily be replaced with stapling.
The small unique staples are simply removed from the fabric after sewing.

Our staples can be used for
• sleeve vents,
• facings and borders,
• front pocket borders,
• bundle or process cards
• cutting pieces and sleeves
• interfacings for sleeves, and much more.
  We have also been producing our tried and tested devices capable of using larger staples for other industries...

whether for
• carpets
• cardboard packaging
• leather
• sample bag seals
• blister packs
• millboard and more

We will also gladly look for a simple solution that meets your needs, since

Simple lasts the longest!


Cost reduction
The capital expenditure for staplers and unique staples is minimal. The various steps in the work process can be carried out quicker and therefore cheaper.