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Product news

Stampling technology for preparation of sample cards ZIPP 6

ANKER-TEX created a new workstation for technical work preparation department: Innovation of stapling technology for the application in pattern department, preparation of sample cards, fabric collections and duplications of complete collections. As well for attaching labels onto samples and fabric cards. In an efficient mode of operation at an ergonomically designed workstation based on REFA (time and motion studies). Applicationvideo and technical details can be found at

This plier stapler makes efficient the time-consuming work with zip stops, where each stop has to be attached before stapling. Apart from that it is a cost-effective alternative to using a production machine and thereby bridges the models. Useful for the clothing industry, medical supplies and clothing factories.
- staples: EZM6 1,5 MS D
A small and handy textile stapler that combines the advantages of a handy and inexpensive stapler with the usability of the larger classic textile stapler TEX 33. Its separate, removable front plate allows you to quickly and easily clear potential staple jams without tools. Fit for all the usual textile uses, such as stapling facings, sleeves, side vents, rear borders, front pocket borders and interfacing into sleeves, etc.
- staples: SITEX 33/5,6,8
A robust and compact table device operated by thumb to attach care and production labels in industrial production. Also deliverable with a multiple stapling function and various kinds of staples
- staples: SITEX 33/5,6,8
ZIPP LF - improved version  
A pneumatic device for attaching the stops on endless zips with a width of up to 5 mm. The device is installed in the workplace and operated with a pedal. An inexpensive alternative to a feed hopper
- staples: EZM 1,5 MS D