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Anker Anker-Tex
Industrial Staplers
and Staples

A German family enterprise steeped in tradition

Our values are part of the current trend: quality, trustworthiness and reliability characterize our products, our customer service and us personally.

All our products are manufactured in Germany

Each plier stapler is assembled by hand at our works and inspected through test stapling before shipment.

Prompt repair and delivery

Since things can sometimes break, our technical department will repair any plier stapler manufactured by us. We attend to repairs immediately to ensure that our customers’ business can continue as smoothly as possible. As with the repair, so with the orders: our shipments are generally sent on the same day - in 90% of the cases according to our internal statistics.

Specific enquiries

We welcome and promptly answer all enquiries, no matter how specific, following to the motto:
it costs nothing to ask and less than you think to get the ideal solution.