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Anker Anker-Tex
Industrial Staplers
and Staples

 Product Information ZH 73 LF



Pneumatic industrial plier stapler that can be built into the work place for fine-wire staples, applicable for packaging and gardening.
Product information with technical details: ZH 73 LF

Loading capacity: 

80 staples 
Gap width: 1,4 cm     
Stapling depth (reach): 12,5 cm
Stapling: closedHeftart nach Innen
Weight: 1,7 kg
Operating pressure:    Max. 8 bar
Optional accessories:
- dulled sword
- The accessory set LF-KOMPLETT comprises: a foot pedal, a maintenance unit with a pressure regulator, tubes, fittings and a control valve that makes sure that the items to be stapled are immediately released after stapling no matter how long the foot stays on the pedal (also available separately).
- Quick air relief valve.